More information on Twitter Blue’s special paid features

by Surur
May 27, 2021
twitter blue

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Twitter is working on a paid tier for their service called Twitter Blue. Uncovered by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, the paid users will have special features reserved just for them.

Now Jane has become the first paid Twitter Blue user by enabling the in-app purchase in the app, revealing a few more of the special paid features.

We already know Twitter Blue will offer a clutter-free news reading experience, possible courtesy of recent acquisition Tryscroll.

It will also offer a bookmarking experience with folders and an Undo Send feature Twitter is working on.

Jane has also discovered the app comes with new colour themes and custom app icons.

Wong notes that Twitter will have different paid tiers, with the cheapest starting at $2.99, so there may be additional features for super users.

It is not yet known when Twitter will be launching Twitter Blue.

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