Twitter adds a new Timestamps feature for video

March 30, 2018

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Twitter is making it easier for creators to share live video on the platform. with timestamps.

Timestamps lets you share a live video with a specific time attached, and an audience will be able to  — upon clicking the link — see exactly what you wanted them to see.

If this feature sound familiar, it’s becaus Google implemented the feature o YouTube years ago, and Twitter is only just catching up to user behavuour.

Previously, when sharing a live video, a user would tweet something like, “Skip to 3:50 to see when the turkey eats the easter bunny”, but now users can now share a direct link to the turkey eating the Easter bunny with no interaction from their audience requires.

An outlandish example, but the point is communicated.

The update is rolling out today on Twitter for Android and iOS, Twitter for Web, and likely to Twitter for Windows 10 — because progressive web apps.

You can download Twitter for Windows 10 from the Store link here.

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free

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