Twikini targets Windows Phone 7, abandons Windows Mobile


In an interesting and likely not very smart move, Twikini, one of the higher profile twitter client producers for Windows Mobile, have announced the discontinuation of their twitter client in less than 5 days.

The move is forced by the change to a new form of authentication by Twitter, but other twitter clients have updated their software. Twikini, blaming the “shape of WM 6.x” has however decided it is not worth it, and will concentrate on other products, including Windows Phone 7.

While it is very much a case of mixed blessings, as its reassuring to know windows Phone 7 will have at least a 3rd party twitter client,  it does underlines the shift from the old OS to the new, and has of course not been helped by Microsoft itself not showing any indication of developing that branch much further.

Do Windows Mobile users feel unfairly abandoned by developers like Twikini, or is Twikini acting appropriately? Let us know below.