Turns out the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s Ultra-thin Glass can crack after all


16, 2020

We have seen a number of destructive tests of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung’s new folding phone, but so far the internal screen has held up pretty well to the violence, despite being covered in Ultra-Thin Glass.

It, however, appears that it is not indestructible and that its nemesis may be something quite mundane – the cold.

Amir purchased his Samsung Galaxy Z Flip on Valentine’s day and appears to have broken it on the same day. He admits to opening it using a flipping motion (which is somewhat aggressive), but we have seen numerous testers doing the same without any issue.

Amir’s theory is that the glass may have been more fragile due to being cold, but at this point, it may simply be bad luck.

Amir has already received a replacement from Samsung, but it is likely too early to say if this will be a common issue or not.

Hopefully, this is an isolated issue and not a rerun of the Samsung Galaxy Fold fiasco which saw the device being delayed for more than 6 months last year.

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