Tubecast updated with exclusive YouTube subtitle support and more


11, 2014


Sophisticated YouTube app Tubecast has been updated to version with some great new features.

The app’s main feature is of course having the ability to broadcast video to a Google Chromecast,  DLNA or even Apple Airplay.

The headline feature for the update is new support for YouTube Subtitles and Translations.  New in this version is also the ability to open  IE YouTube links in TubeCast and the ability to download in the background for both audio and video.

The update also brings better support for LG smart TV’s and EZcast dongles, faster start up times, improved scrolling and user interface, and improvements in YouTube comments.

The app now also includes unlimited streaming of the Tubecast test video, to help you test and diagnose problems before splashing out on the unlimited casting version.

Lastly it now also supports Russian.image

The app is free, but offer a limited number of “casts” (around 20) before you have to pay $1.99.

Find Tubecast in the Windows Phone Store here.

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