Trivia Champ 2 adds Facebook integration with push and lock screen notifications



 Trivia Champ 2 is a social trivia app that allows users to compete with both friends and strangers in trivia games with questions about hundreds of different subjects. So far thousands of people have installed the app and have challenged their friends to see which of them knows the most about comic book characters, their favorite TV shows and even programming languages.

The latest version of the game adds some much requested features to make it easier to stay connected when your friends or new opponents challenge you.

  • Push notifications sent when a Facebook friend starts using the app
  • Push notifications sent when you are challenged to a game of trivia
  • Lock screen notifications and tile notifications when you have a pending challenge

In addition, you can now challenge others playing Trivia Champ 2 on Android as well.



Where Can I Get It?

Download it now from the marketplace.

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