Trivia Buff Updated With Many New Features



Main screen Detail screen Live tile

Trivia Buff, the best trivia and random fact app for Windows Phone, has received the biggest update yet. This update brings the most requested features to the app:

  • Offline mode
  • Sorting of favorites
  • Reporting of inaccurate facts
  • Improved trivia refresh
  • Improved grammar parsing
  • Refreshed icon and style


When you download this app, you’ll find:

  • Engaging live tile, including multiple sizes in Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8
  • Never-ending supply of trivia facts in the app (infinite scrolling)
  • All facts are verified and have a detailed article
  • Ability to share and save interesting trivia facts

The app has more than 1000 5 star reviews and available as a free download from the Windows Phone marketplace. Trivia Buff is free and is supported by a single ad on bottom of the screen. We also have an ad-free version of the app.

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