Trello is launching a new desktop app on the Windows Store tomorrow

Trello is finally launching a new desktop app. Users of the service have been asking for an official desktop app for a while now, and that’s finally coming soon. If you are on a Mac, you can get Trello’s desktop app right now. And if you are on Windows 10, you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Trello announced on a blog post that the company’s new desktop app for Windows 10 will be available tomorrow. The company is using the “Get from Microsoft” badge on all of its promotion material, so it’s likely the app will only available through the Windows Store. Don’t get too excited though, it’s not a native Universal Windows Platform app — this is just an Electron app that will be available from the Windows Store.

If you have used Trello’s web app before, the desktop app won’t feel significantly different as it’s a web wrapper for the web app. But you still get some native features like notifications and a handful of quick shortcuts. Here’s a video showing off some of the features of the new Trello desktop app:

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As usual, we’ll let you know when Trello is available for Windows 10 devices tomorrow.