Train Crazy – new kid friendly game


Here is the thing; a lot of kids love trains! And why shouldn’t they be allowed to have some fun with your Windows Phone?

In fact there are a lot of situations where it is really nice to have some light entertainment at hand to distract them for a bit; at a restaurant or if you are just trying to make them chill a bit…

Train Crazy is simple; interact with the train by tapping the things that are flying by. This allows you to

  • Paint the train
  • Change the steam
  • Blow the whistle
  • Ring the bell
  • Add train cars
  • Add things to the train cars
  • And other fun little surprises

Bottom line: This game will most likely be no fun for you unless you are a kid at heart and love trains 🙂 If you have kids chances are that they will love it. My 2 1/2 year old asks for the "train on the phone" every day.

Available now in the marketplace for $0.99 – free to try.

Brought to you by Bad Joe, the team behind Rabbit Run, RadioPlaylists, Speak and Words.