Trade ban decimates Huawei’s US research devision

July 23, 2019

While the US government has granted Huawei a sort of reprieve from the total trade ban it enacted a few months ago, the reprieve doesn’t go far enough. The firm’s US research unit; Futurewei Technologies is cutting 600 of 850 jobs as a result of the ban.

Huawei said the cuts were as a result of “curtailment of its business operations.” As Huawei remains in the entity list for the foreseeable future, it would make it illegal for Futurewei to transfer any research to Huawei as a result of the stipulations.

While Huawei has been accused of espionage and spying, the firm has denied it, and US agencies have yet to share any public proof.

Huawei will still sell its Android phones and (probably) its Windows laptops outside the USA, but its US business is growing smaller and smaller every day.

Via: BBC

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