TPCAST’s wireless Adapter coming to the Oculus Rift next week

It takes a beefy PC to run the highest-quality VR experience, but that also shackles you to a few feet from your PC, tethered to the always present trip hazard of the cable which connects you to it.

TPCAST has offered a solution for this problem with its Wireless Adapter for the HTC Vive, and now the company is ready to offer the same solution for the Oculus Rift.

The wireless adapter supports 2K video transmission at 90Fps with sub 2ms latency. The adapter comes with a battery to power the headset and the wireless module and can last for up to 5 hours of operation.

“I have been following the VR market for the past several years and I’m excited about TPCAST’s new wireless VR product that makes my VR headset wireless. TPCAST is helping to bring the VR experience to a whole new level by removing the cord and allowing you so much more freedom when you are using the Oculus Rift,” via Micah Blumberg Founder of Silicon Valley Global News and Organizer of San Francisco Virtual Reality, “You have to try this to understand how freeing it is to be able to spin around and around without needing to worry about tripping over a cord.”

The solution will not, however, come cheap, with TPCAST charging  $349 for the device, a $50 premium over the HTC Vive version. TPCAST, however, expects their cordless solution will enable new applications industries including automotive, healthcare, oil & gas, real estate and more.

Pre-orders open on the 11th December 2017 with shipment expected a week later. Read more at TPCAST’s website here.


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