TouchXperience demo possibly the coolest interface you ever saw


11, 2010

TouchXperience is a new 3rd party UI being developed that takes full advantage of the hardware in the latest Windows Mobile smartphones, creating a user interface that is pretty amazing.

The software features:
– Any interface can be customized
– Over 100 widgets (clocks, audio player, shortcuts, etc)
– Animated backgrounds (like with Sense 2.5)
– Interactive backgrounds (similar to live wallpapers on the Nexus One)
– Some backgrounds react to lighting, cool day/night reactions
– Access to favorite quick panels via accelerometer and by rotating device
– Messaging interface for emails and texts
– System settings panel
– Easy access to music, videos and recorded TV via an entertainment panel
– Tons of radio links
– Ringtone manager
– Fully featured communications manager
– Explore network computers and connected devices
– Create custom profiles
– Integrated file explorer
– Remotely turn on home devices, like TVs, lights, etc
– Pull up programs or documents with a search bar
– Will find installation (CAB) files for you, so you don’t have to use file explorer
– Remove programs panel
– Built-in shopping list
– Search the Internet by typing in words and clicking desired search engine or directory (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Wikipedia, Amazon)

The software is not released yet, but is expected to go into beta soon.

Read more at Touchxperience here.


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