TouchXperience Advanced Config and Registry editor now Mango compatible


21, 2011

imageSchaps have updated his Windows Phone 7 hacking tools to support Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

His Advanced Config tool for Mango now integrates directly into the WP7 Settings and features:

  • Display device info: device name & model, software & hardware versions, memory info, storage info, IP addresses, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth MAC addresses
  • Customize accent colors, create new colors, add predefined colors, remove existing ones
  • Customize system sounds and set individual volume for each sound event
  • Customize tiles and icons for applications including built-in (HTC & LG only Tiles must be named AppTile_*.png and placed in \Windows directory, as well as icons must be named AppIcon_*.png)
  • Provisioning XML support: open provisioning XML files from file explorer, email attachment or web link (HTC & LG only It will open .xml files, not .provxml files, so rename it if needed)
  • Personalize device name
  • Don’t dehydrate apps on pause
  • Allow max unsigned applications
  • Prevent phone from relocking
  • Enable Wi-Fi 802.11n mode
  • Show 3G toggle
  • Show 3G+ icon for HSDPA
  • Run Auto Data Config
  • SMS recipient limit
  • Allow disable lock screen timeout
  • Enable advanced accessibility settings
  • Fix caller ID match
  • Fix 32-bit mode display
  • Internet Explorer search engine
  • Internet Explorer new tab page

His Registry Editor for WP7 Mango also integrates with Settings and feature:

  • Integration in system settings
  • Ability to manually set a registry value (even for hidden keys)
  • Added some new hidden keys Supports reading multistring and binary values
  • Improved device support
  • Fixed localized name

All these hacks obviously need a developer-unlocked device. Read more at TouchXperience here.

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