Touch Pro(GSM) WMPoweruser ROM Update


The Touch Pro world has not be the same since the original release of the WMPoweruser Series ROM, well its time for another dose of what we are cooking. The update to this ROM is brought to you by our GSM Touch Pro cook Captain_throwback. He read up on all the comments in our error post and tried his best to fix those in this new release. The change log is filled with great new features that he included for our awesome Touch Pro users.

February 23, 2010

  • Builds updated to 23540 (6.5.5 COM5) & 21892 (6.5 COM2)
  • Updated video drivers & a host of other packages from Topaz S2, Rhodium S2, & Leo 1.5
  • Sense 2.5 version updated to 20121225 (most recent VGA port by amarullz) – NOTE: Footprints tab not included in this Sense 2.5 version; Full Screen view for Photos & Videos, Music tabs disabled (until they are fully ported)
  • Album 3.2 updated to full ported Topaz S2 version by programatix
  • HTC Contact Picker updated to programatix’s partially ported version (letter picker still WVGA, but now able to select last two contacts in list)
  • Included ported VGA-add-on XML etc. for HTC supporting packages from aamikam
  • amarullz PeopleMessagingClassic Mod included (no HTC Messaging Client)
  • CHome Customizations added (ATFavePeople, Titanium Weather w/GPS Weather Radar, & Sleuth’s myLocation built in, Titanium Notifications & showaco’s Opera panel)
  • Flip_IT removed from ROM (COM2 218XX versions ONLY) – BsB’s G-Config is now included in “Applications” folder (this will decrease rotation sensitivity)
  • Opera 9.7 build updated to 35810
  • Windows Live added back in (since it causes an error trying to add a Hotmail account without it)
  • Position fix in AMeBa disabled (not needed with newest Sense build)
  • RunCC package updated
  • Comm Manager updated
  • Google Maps updated to version 4.0 (with Buzz)
  • No Manila Locker for this build (yet)

Get the new ROM:

6.5 download
6.5.3 download
HardSPL Flashing Guide

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