TouchPro2(GSM) WMPoweruser Series ROM update

image When we originally released the TouchPro2 ROM, it had some issues, but this new version fixed most of them. This new ROM has the latest in Leo software built into it, and also many speed improvements. The ROM was cooked by our very own ARK and he made sure to read the comments on the Issues thread include fixes in response.

Here are some of the features:

* CE OS 5.2.21889 Build 21889 and CE OS 5.2.23540 Build 23540
* HTC Sense 2.5 Landscape
* Updated XIP and OEM part
* All apps updated (LEO 2.10)
* Footprints working
* eReader tab only on 23540 (test)
* Swype added
* HTC Sense updated
* Removed HTC Task Manager (21889)
* More Reg cleaning
* WM theme by [ElCondor], Background by me
* This time at first boot, the rom will not auto restart, so a reset is advised after first boot and all customizations done.
* TomAutoCabInstall.exe (Just create a folder on your SD card with the name Autoinstall, you can put cab files, xml or other customization files, and these will auto install on first boot.
* And a few more things…..
I recommend Radio
X2 Task Manager HERE, thanks to iridium21.
Autoinstall thanks to my Good friend Tom: [ FAST and Fantastic.]
* Create folder in Root of Storage Card called [ Auto install ]
* Copy all your cabs in that folder
* After Flash , and during customizations all your cab will be installed.
* Also set your cabs to read only
* So get Your Storage Card prepared with all your Cabs to install.
Most of the icons used in this rom are by Dinik
Theme, Animated wallpaper and Welcome screen by [ElCondor]

Try out the newest version:
Download 6.5
Download 6.5.3
Flashing Guide

ALL THANKS GOES TO OUR COOK: ARK for his hard work

Remember, before you flash, you need to follow the HardSPL guide so you do not break your device. We cannot be held liable if any harm comes to your device

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