Touchpad Free: Get the most out of relaxed computer use.

March 14, 2012

Touchpad Free is one of the application that enables your phone to function as a mouse or a keyboard to control your Windows computers.

To use your Windows phone as wireless mouse creates some interesting usage scenarios.

According to my testing, you will quickly find out that when you have a pointing device that can be in any position without any wires it lets you to select the most comfortable position in the couch. Soon you will notice to browse  the internet, watch your pictures, play your videos or even play the games without being worried of getting your arms and hands sore.

Touchpad free version includes features like scrolling with two fingers, HTPC features, accelerometer support and tactile feedback to name a few. And most importantly every known Windows phone is supported. Adds do not interfere in any way of the usage so free version is as usable as the paid version.

Touchpad has an official web site to download the small server side software. Touchpad itself can be downloaded from here in Windows phone marketplace.


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