TouchDevelop v2.2 for Windows Phone released, now with events

Microsoft has just released update 2.2 of TouchDevelop app for hobby developers. It brings such improvements like handling of events (e.g. when device is shaken, a method is called), a tutorial mode (many people complained that learning curve is steep, now not anymore), improvements of code editor and many bug fixes.

At this moment when I try to download this app to my Windows Phone 7 (OS version 7.0.7392.0), I am getting c101b00b error (the famous b00b error) when I am trying to download it, but others may be more lucky…

Note: with TouchDevelop you can create mini-apps that are written in open-source script that is published on TouchDevelop website and available for all users. You cannot actually write apps with it that will be published in Marketplace, but you can write small utilities or games.

To get this app, click or tap here

More info and screenshots of the new version can be found at Microsoft here.