[Totally not US only] Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard with a fingerprint scanner now available for purchase


3, 2017

Microsoft’s brand new Modern Keyboard is now available for purchase from the Microsoft Store…if you are in the United States. The company’s new Modern Keyboard comes with an integrated fingerprint scanner that’s disguised as a normal key on the keyboard. It integrates with Windows Hello, which means you can unlock any Windows 10 PC with your keyboard just by putting your finger on the fingerprint scanner/key.

The keyboard does cost $129.99, which is possibly a bit too expensive for a minimal keyboard. The keyboard doesn’t have any mechanical keys or all the pro keyboard features you would expect, but it’s instead just a keyboard with a minimal design and an aluminum frame.

Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID works over Bluetooth and will offer up to 4 months of usage when fully charged. If you are like me and don’t like the concept of wireless keyboards, you can also connect it with a wire which is extremely useful.

If you happen to be in the United States, you can get the Microsoft Modern Keyboard from the Microsoft Store here. And if you are outside of the United States, welcome to the waiting game.

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