Toshl makes managing finances fun

Toshl makes managing finances fun and useful. Tracking expenses is incredibly simple. Just enter the amount, tap the correct tag for the expense and it’s done! You can also add budgets for all expenses or just for specific tags to keep your spending under control. In addition to making you awe-inspiringly financially efficient, the app keeps the mood light with funny characters and a great fit to the Windows Phone 7 Metro UI.

Best of all, Toshl can sync your expenses to the cloud to your own free and secure account at There it’s safely backed up in case you lose your phone. It can also be synced with other devices so you can keep tabs on your spending with your family, roommates or organization.
Most importantly then helps you analyze your finances with the help of beautiful and insightful infographics.

Toshl app and web account are free to use, but for $19,95 per year you can get a Toshl Pro account with more amazing graphs about your own money, more flexible budgeting and tons of other goodies.

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