Toshiba Where Are You? We Have Been Missing You

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Toshiba, one of the least spoken of smart phone market in the US and a Windows Phone only maker. They have not been making devices like HTC, LG, or Samsung but more like Apple with one or two releases a year. The difference between Apple and Toshiba is that while they make good devices, they do not have a big show for their launch and do not try pushing it to carriers. I do not think they try for much in their mobile department.

Now if they were here I would have to ask them one thing…

toshiibak01wp7Where the he** is that Toshiba K07. I loved the K01 when I first saw it, I mean with such great designing, a slide out keyboard, and do not forget… The title for the thinnest smart phone with a slide-out keyboard out there, being 1mm thinner than the original Droid that I loved for its thinness. If this device was released in the US of A, I would have bought it and replaced my HD2 with this since it has a similar sized screen, capacitive, slide out keyboard, 1mm thicker, 1Ghz processor. This device  would kill.

Now if Toshiba were to make it into a WP7 device and make it even thinner or faster, I would buy this instantly. I have heard the rumors of the HTC HD7, but you know what… With WP7 not needing any ROMs, I do not need an HTC device anymore. I just also noticed the device has 3 buttons, which if you remember was the only thing keeping the HD2 from WP7 (as they say), so I think making this should not be hard.


Toshiba has always made great devices like the TG01 which was the thinnest smart phone out there until the iPhone 4 stepped in. They certainly know what good phones should have, and if they were to join the WP7 scene, I do not see them having much trouble. The only thing is their brand name is attached to TV’s and laptops, not really in the mobile phone department. Now I am sure if they worked hard on marketing and made a K07 possible, they can sell it well around the would, because if one were to think out it… the main reason HTC WM devices sold so much over others were because of the huge developing community and a little because of the looks. Now with all development being available to any device running WP7, HTC has only looks (not looking good so far)and current brand name to work with.

So what do you think? Would you buy the K01 if it were available in the market and came in WP7 flavour?

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