Toshiba still in the Windows Phone 7 game?



Now this likely qualifies as the most tenuous of rumours, but TamsPPC reports that the usually well-informed German magazine c’t has posted this little snippet in its current issue:

Toshiba showed the TG-02 and K-01 in February running Windows Mobile 6.5. It is possible that we will see them now (aka at the IFA) as the first Windows Phone 7 devices.

The TG-02 and K-o1 are of course both perfectly capable of running Windows Phone 7, both only needing minor upgrades in terms of camera and buttons, so the idea is not very far fetched (we wrote about the same just a few days ago). Hopefully Toshiba, who was originally supposed to be a launch partner, will still throw its hat into the Windows phone 7 ring, became lord knows we could sure do with a few sleek and sexy WP7 devices.

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