Todoist releases new update for its Windows and Outlook apps


Task manager Todoist today released new update for its Windows and Outlook apps. The latest update introduces a couple of new features and improvements for the apps. Here’s the changelog:

  • High DPI support means you’ll be able to set a zoom level that’s comfortable for you. No more squinting to see your tiny tasks!
  • Ability to manually configure proxy settings lets you securely access Todoist from behind your corporate firewall.
  • “Always on Top” feature allows you to keep your to-do list readily accessible on your desktop throughout the day.
  • Several bug fixes to make sure things work the way you expect them to.

As you can see on the above changelog, there are quite a lot of new features and bug fixes with the latest update. The latest updates are already live, and you can download it from the following links:

It’s worth noting that Todoist has also announced a new alpha testing program for its Windows 10 app. If you want to sign up as an alpha tester, head over  to this link.

Source: Todoist