Titanfall 2 is the next PS+ game, along with Monster Energy Supercross

November 27, 2019
Titanfall sequels

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PlayStation Plus subscribers rejoice as the best first-person shooter of the generation, aka Titanfall 2, is the next PS+game. 

Prematurely leaked through the official Polish PlayStation website, we now know both of the PlayStation Plus titles for next month. Of course, the Polish post was obviously taken down immediately, but Resetera users quickly snapped a screengrab for the wiped-out post.

The prematurely posted article reveals that there will be two PS+ titles available for those who subscribe to Sony’s online service. While still not as many as Xbox’s Games with Gold or even prior PlayStation Plus months, at least they’ve included a solid title.

The PlayStation Plus games are as follows:

Titanfall 2

Bigger weapons make better friends in Titanfall 2, the epic follow-up to the genre-redefining Titanfall. Respawn Entertainment pushes the genre forward once again with a new, innovative single player campaign and multiplayer experience that reaffirms Titanfall 2 as the fastest, most visceral shooter yet. Combine and conquer with new titans and pilots, deadlier weapons, and feature-rich customization and progression system that helps you and your titan flow as one unstoppable killing force. Unite and destroy. Become One.

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame

Race with the official riders from 250SX and 450SX on the official tracks, Daytona included, to experience one of the most spectacular and entertaining racing competition ever!

Discover the Track Editor feature for endless gameplay possibilities: select your stadium, create your own track and share it online with your friends.

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