Tips and tricks for Samsung Windows Phone 7 users have published a collection of 18 tips and tricks for Windows phone 7 users, but many of which likely apply to all Windows phone 7 handsets.

Below is a few I found particularly interesting.

  1. Enable traffic information on Bing Maps: When inside the maps application, touch the three periods in the lower right hand corner of your screen and then select “show traffic” to enable colored patterns on local roads and freeways showing the speed of traffic in your area.
  2. How to see Facebook status updates about yourself: When in the People application, just touch your profile picture at the top of your contacts list and it will load your current status and other events that concern/include/reference you.
  3. How to enable the “Find my phone” feature of WP7: From your home screen scroll to the right and select “Settings”.  Scroll to the bottom of the “System” category and select “find my phone”.  In this menu you can set your phone to record your location automatically and how frequently it should do this.  From there you can now remotely map, ring, lock, or erase your phone from on any browser!  This option does wear down your battery faster so keep that in mind.
  4. How to allow your camera button to wake up your phone for instant photo taking: From your home screen scroll to the right and select “Settings”.  Now scroll to the right to find the “applications” category.  In here select “pictures + camera”.  The top option, if turned on, will allow you to hold down your camera button to wake up your phone and launch directly into the camera app to capture that split second event you might have missed if you had to unlock the phone first!
  5. How to delete your Bing Map history: From your home screen scroll to the right and select “Settings”. Then scroll right again to the “applications” category.  From there select “maps”.  In this menu you can delete your maps history which includes: map searches, pins, and image data.
  6. How to enable Wide Dynamic Range when taking photographs: After launching your camera application select the gear circle in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  Scroll down to the Wide Dynamic Range option and select the on setting.  Wide Dynamic Range is useful when you have different light intensities between the foreground and background.  So if you’re in a dark house taking a picture of someone standing near a window with sunlight outside, turning on this feature will allow for the clearest picture possible.
  7. How to force resume the downloading of a game when it claims an error has occurred: Open your Marketplace tile and then select games.  From here find the game that is currently having the issue and then select it.  You can now select the “check install” button.  Once in the marketplace downloads screen just long press on the error next to the game icon and select “try again”.

See the full collection at here.

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