Tip: How to exit Narrator on Windows Phone 8.1


21, 2014

Author Surur // in tip

how to exit narrator

I nearly hard reset my phone today, and a cursory search of the web shows that I am not the only one who was faced with a rather vexing issue.

The problem is the screen reading Narrator service in Windows Phone 8.1, which allows the visually impaired to navigate the OS better, and pretty good in a pinch for reading our load a recipe.

Giving it a try, I had no idea it would be so difficult to return back to the settings page to turn it back off.

The problem is that while the screen reader works well, it appears almost impossible to scroll the screen, meaning if you exit the settings page it is very difficult to get back to the Accessibility settings item on the Settings page.

Of course if I actually read the text on the page the solution would have been obvious.

To exit Narrator simply Hold down the Volume Up and Start button.

Another way is to use Cortana to Open Ease of Access, which will also get you back to the settings page.

Hopefully this page will save a Windows Phone user from pulling their hair out or hard resetting their phone, or even both.

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