tinyBuild purposefully withholds patches and DLC from GOG due to DRM Free policies

July 4, 2019

Indie publisher tinyBuild is purposefully withholding patches from GOG customers due to piracy concerns.

In a post on the GOG subreddit, Redditor Snolus detailed his conversation with a tinyBuild employee via Discord.

In his discussion, the employee states that all games from the publisher are kept from DLC and patches due to piracy concerns.

Responding to Snolus’ questions regarding the lack of DLC for many of the publisher’s titles, the employee said, “GOG games are DRM free, which makes them practically impossible to support.”

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With GOG allowing players to download a DRM free launcher that installs titles, games on the service are easily pirated. Of course, no matter what DRM games use, hackers inevitably find a way to break it. Even games utilizing Denovo DRM are getting cracked easily these days.

The employee said that “the second one person purchases it [a TB published game] it’s available to upload anywhere on the internet.” However, no matter the service, someone always finds a way to pirate what they otherwise would not pay for. Instead, tinyBuild claims that they “have to be protective of our developers. We can’t upload content and just hope for the internet to not steal it.”

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