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10, 2011

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This is my next have published their review of the HTC Titan.  They scored the handset 7.7/10, finding the size somewhat unwieldy, and also found the low resolution on the large screen “cartoonish”. 

While they felt the camera produced consistently high quality images, they did observe:

The one issue typical to smartphones that the Titan hasn’t been able to overcome is a limited dynamic range. Strong highlights, such as Peter Chou’s face or the daytime sky in the sample pictures, tend to be blown out, taking any useful detail with them. Additionally, though HTC is keen to emphasize the Titan’s low-light performance, I’d describe it as merely good, not outstanding.

The did however find battery life pretty good, saying :

It consistently lasts beyond 20 hours of regular use (Gmail with push notifications enabled, occasional browsing, photography, video capture and playback, and GPS use) and if you go easy on it, you should have little trouble going from breakfast on Monday to lunch on Tuesday without recourse to the charger.

They concluded:

True to its form over the past couple of years, HTC has delivered another thoroughly competent device with the Titan. Build quality is as good as — if not better than — any other phone in the company’s recent portfolio, while the improvements in Mango have pulled Windows Phone 7 right up alongside the best in the mobile business in a number of important aspects. The Titan’s 4.7-inch Super-LCD is a major step forward for watching video on your phone, though that move probably shouldn’t have been made without a commensurate increase in resolution.

Ergonomics issues do arise due to the Titan’s sheer size. Only a limited demographic, likely dominated by professional basketball players, will find this smartphone a perfect fit, with most of the rest of us struggling to adapt to its atypical dimensions. App-crazy smartphone users might also be better off looking elsewhere, as the Windows Phone Marketplace still has some catching up to do to match its more illustrious and mature competitors. Ultimately, the verdict on the Titan depends on your priorities: if multimedia consumption is paramount for you and the idea of a more limited third-party app selection and a little extra bulk in your pocket doesn’t fill you with dread, the Titan’s an easy recommendation.


Superb screen and robust construction
Snappy performance
Windows Phone 7.5 gets all the basics right


Low pixel density lets down a beautiful display
Size makes for occasionally awkward handling
Marketplace lacks the app diversity of iOS and Android

Read their full review here.

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