Times Online claims a Nokia Windows Phone is coming soon

wp7c6 Every once in a while a rumour pops up claiming Nokia will make a Windows Phone. That time has rolled around once again, with the Times Online claiming Wolfson Microelectronics, a British microelectronics and fabless semiconductor corporation specialising in signal processing chips, has been selected by “a leading mobile phone manufacturer — believed to be Nokia — to provide some of the technology for its new Windows Mobile handset.”

Wolfson has had its chips found in a variety of devices, such as the iPhone, Xbox and even the ZuneHD, so would not be an unlikely match.

Microsoft has never made any secret of their desire to have their OS sold by the world’s biggest cell phone manufacturer, and has recently delivered the first fruits of their collaboration to get their office software on the Symbian platform, but as usual the report is likely mistaken as to the identity of the “leading mobile phone manufacturer” and it could as likely be LG, Motorola, Samsung or Sony Ericsson, who have all dabbled in Windows Phone before, unlike Nokia, who is the company in question.

Does anyone think there is any truth in the rumour?  Let us know below.