TikTok has been under a lot of pressure from regulatory agencies to improve its data management policies. The company has been under a microscope for spying allegations and it recently decided to open up a transparency center to reassure the public and the authorities. However, the company is now going a step further and will stop using Chinese staff to screen any foreign content.

The company noted that those who are currently screening foreign content will have to either find other jobs inside parent company Bytedance or leave. This new change should help TikTok moderate region-specific content and should improve confidence in TikTok. Moreover, with moderators working in the region, TikTok will run into problems specific to a certain culture or tradition which might not be followed in other places.

With the new measures in place, TikTok should be in a better position but the company has not revealed when these new changes will take place. We expect a gradual rollout as the company hires moderators in other countries or regions.