Three Xbox LIVE Titles This Week: Battlewagon From Ironsun, Doodle God And Breeze



Author Pradeep // in Game, News

Battle Wagon From IronSun Studios:

Game Description:

Battlewagon is a game where you send a wagon …… into battle!! Vanquish the four Barons who have stolen your kingdom. Use the best medieval technology ever created – the Battlewagon! You must destroy the Baron’s fortifications with your trusty wagon, some amazing upgrades and a few bombs! Battlewagon features hours of challenging levels, unique game play and beautiful graphics. Each of the 68 levels has a multitude of ways to complete them, but can you do it and take back your kingdom? See how you rate against other players on the online Leader boards, or increase your Gamer score with the 18 Xbox LIVE Achievements including “All in Jest”, “Coming up Roses”, and the formidable “High King”.

The game will cost $2.99 with free trial available.

Doodle God:

Game Description:

Acting as the Doodle God, the player must combine available elements together to gain access to new elements. Combinations can be both physical (such as combining Water and Lava to obtain Steam and Stone) and metaphorical (such as combining Water and Fire to obtain Alcohol). The game begins with only the four classical elements, and centers on the discovery of 115 elements across 14 categories. Should the player be stuck, a hint is available every few minutes.

The game will cost $2.99 with free trial available.

Breeze from Microsoft Studios:

Breeze is a Xbox 360 indie game that will be available for free from Windows Phone marketplace and will have only 50 Xbox achievement points.

Game Description:

Breeze is light entertainment for persons of any age. Take control of a fan as you strive to gently blow a flower to the goal. Control the flower by proxy across 60 levels using only the power of wind. Take the flower through all four seasons to reach the goal. Breeze comes with a chilled, lilting soundtrack and an emphasis on the smooth. There’s plenty of content to explore with unique and interesting traps and game mechanics.


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