Thoughts by Reader on WP7:Shayne Carlos

image The day has been a long news less one, and so I think its about right that we end it with some reader thoughts.


I would like to start off by saying I’m an avid user of Windows Mobile and have owned numerous wm devices and im currently using a HD2.
I received a Zune HD for Christmas and i was shocked at how great the device is! The built quality is great, the OS is smooth and simple i couldn’t have been happier.
I also remember thinking why doesn’t MS put a phone in this thing? it would be awesome. Then as Windows Phone 7 was officially announced i was really shocked that my question
had been answered and came a reality. Once that set in i started to realize that means no more pocketpc which is what i want out of a smartphone, essentially a pocket computer.
But looking on the positive MS is doing something totally original and fresh which is what i like! The Metro UI is spectacular to me, its new and simple which is what the masses want out
of a phone right? a simple smart phone<—that too me is an oxymoron but hey that what the masses want. I really think wp7 will be a big hit and sell many devices.
Wp7 is criticized so heavily based on what it cant do and the features it want have at launch but what people fail to realize is there where not perfect os’s that were released without shortcomings and people trying to compare this os to other os’s that have been out for at least a yr if not more. I like what ms has done with wp7! and i hope they continue to push new innovations that surpass that of the android and iphone..clearly this phone isn’t aimed at the power/business users but for the consumer which is where the most revenue is going to come from. On the flip side I’m hopping ms does some new designing with tiles on the home screen the blue tiles should be some glossy or transparent design. This is a bold step for ms and wp7 will set it apart from the crowd! something totally new
Shayne Carlos is my name and yes it can be used in the post..

If you do not agree with his views, please do not be a child about it, just comment nicely, or even submit your own thoughts to me and it shall be posted (99.9% of the time).

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