This Week’s Xbox LIVE Title For Windows Phones: Lets Golf 2 From Gameloft

Lets Golf 2 from Gameloft is coming to Windows Phone marketplace tomorrow as this week’s Xbox LIVE Title.

Game Description:

Looking for a faster, more colorful and fun golf experience? Then this newest edition of the popular Let’s Golf series is just the thing you need for the most exciting golf adventure you’ll ever find!

Game Features:

  • 8 fun characters, fully modeled in 3D.
  • Customize your golfer with a selection of gear and clothes.
  • 108 holes of golf across 6 varied locations.
  • Characters with unique super powers.
  • Enjoy an in-depth Career mode and new challenges like Shoot Out.
I expect this game to be priced as $4.99, but I’m not sure about it. I’ll update here once I get the actual price of the game.