This week’s Xbox Live game–Shoot 1UP now hitting Marketplace

shoot1up Xbox Live game for Windows Phone

As promised, this week’s Xbox Live game, the arcade shoot-em up Shoot 1UP, is hitting marketplace today.

The arcade-style game features :


  • 1UPs instantly enter the action!
  • Command over 30 ships at the same time!
  • Contract your phalanx to dodge enemy fire, expand your ships to fire the Plasma Auger!
  • Weapons upgrade as you collect more ships (And they downgrade when you lose them so stay sharp!)
  • Sacrifice ships for a bullet-vaporizing bomb which increases in power the more ships you’ve collected!
  • Manic Shooting without all the wailing and gnashing of teeth or crank up the difficulty and gameplay speed for thumbtwisting  manuevers!

The game will be retailing for $2.99/£2.29 and is in Marketplace now.