This is what the new OnePlus logo might look like

by Rahul
March 17, 2020

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The year 2020 will witness a major shift in OnePlus’ smartphone strategy — the company will be making more expensive phones that are direct competitors to Galaxy Note phones and iPhones. However, that’s not the only thing that the company is changing.

In a OnePlus community post, CEO Pete Lau announced that the company would unveil a new brand visual identity. While the CEO wanted to keep the details about the new brand visual identity a secret, the new OnePlus’ branding recently leaked through the Chinese patent office. According to the leaked images, there are not many things that will make you excited about the new brand visual as the differences between the current one and the one that has been leaked are subtle.

If you’re a OnePlus user, it’d be easier for you to spot the difference. The first thing that you’d notice is the new font, the color combination has also changed from Red and White to Black and White. And that’s pretty much what’s changed. If the leaked images are real, it can’t be called a major design overhaul to the brand visual.

There is also a likelihood that the leaked images are inaccurate and to find out if that is the case, we’ll have to wait till tomorrow, which is when OnePlus will officially unveil its new brand visual identity.

via 9to5google

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