This is what the 45W Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ charger looks like

by Rahul
August 19, 2019

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The Note10 and its big brother Note10 Plus undoubtedly were in the list of most anticipated smartphones of the year 2019. Samsung unveiled the Note 10 series smartphones a few days back, with many surprise announcements.

The Note 10 series came with many improvements and that includes improvement for the charging. As we all know by now, Samsung is going to pack two chargers — a 25W charger and the other one is a 45w optional charger for those who are in a real hurry. However, we haven’t been able to see a glimpse of what they look like — until now.

The 45w optional charger for Galaxy Note10 Plus has been leaked online, thanks to IceUniverse.

However, the reliable leakster has no information related to the performance of the charger as he wasn’t able to teste it. For more information on the optional charger, you’ll have to wait until August 23.

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