This is how the start screen may look like on Windows 10 for Phones

December 22, 2014

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Microsoft revealed Windows 10 Technical Preview just a several months ago. The company also confirmed that Windows 10 will be the next major version for Windows Phone as well. Microsoft hasn’t revealed much about the upcoming version for Windows Phone, though. However, back in October, Microsoft did show off a new start screen-like UI for Windows 10 for Phones on an app at TechEd Europe, take a look:

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Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore shows off a bit of what may be the upcoming design for the start screen at the event. As you can see on the video above, the start screen-like UI on an app looks a lot similar to the Windows 8/8.1 start screen where the tiles aren’t transparent but there is a background. Microsoft hasn’t yet revealed if we’ll see the same UI for the start screen on Windows 10 for Phones – but there is a good chance.┬áIt’s worth mentioning that the video does state the fact that the demoed UI isn’t the final UI – it is a early version.

Keep in mind that the demoed start screen-like UI is on an app – meaning that the new design may not be the final UI for the start screen on Windows 10. Nonetheless, as it isn’t confirmed officially yet and the fact that it has been showed-off by the company, we’ll give this rumor a respective 8/10 on our Rumour Rating.

What do you think of the upcoming design for the start screen on Windows 10 for Phones, yay or nay? Disqus in the comment section below.

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