Confirmed: third-generation Motorola Razr foldable phone is in the works


24, 2021

Motorola was one of the first few brands to release a foldable phone, and the company received a good response from both users and tech reviewers for Motorola Razr, its first-ever clamshell foldable phone. Now, the company has confirmed that a third-generation Motorola Razr foldable phone is in the works.

According to Lenovo executive Chen Jin, the new Motorola Razr foldable phone will be more powerful than its predecessor, and while that shouldn’t surprise anyone, the foldable phone is confirmed to feature an improved interface and a better appearance. Beyond that, the company executive reveals nothing about the upcoming foldable phone.

Specifications, release date, and other key details regarding the Razr foldable phone remain under wraps. Hopefully, we’ll see it going official next year. That being said, it won’t be easy for the company to compete with companies like Samsung, OPPO. Being a clamshell foldable phone, the Razr will face fierce competition from Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 4, a successor to the current Z Flip 3. And since the foldable phone market is a lot more crowded than it was a couple of years back, the company will have to stand out from the rest in order to taste success.

Android Authority speculates that the Motorola Razr 3, or whatever the company ends up calling it, will be released in China first. However, the company executive has made no such claims on his Weibo account.

If you’ve used any previous model of the Razr foldable phone., what improvements do you want to see in the third-generation generation Razr foldable phone. Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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