The WonderBar is Windows 10X’s most interesting innovation

by Surur
February 11, 2020

Windows 10X is a brand-new operating system by Microsoft which still allows users to run their legacy desktop apps.

In most of its user interface, it features elements which are relatively familiar, be it the taskbar or app icons.

The WonderBar is, however, the one brand-new user interface that sets Windows 10X apart from other tablet operating systems.

The WonderBar is the area above the hard or soft keyboard. By default, apps have access to 50% of the space, and the area is easy to access using existing APIs.

Microsoft writes:

Wonder Bar is a region available in the laptop posture that helps customers be more productive by offering additional input options to augment the keyboard. It also offers opportunities for customers to multi-task through tools, ambient info, or other app experiences that complement their task at hand.

Apps can use the existing Compact Overlay Mode to display a mini interface for some features in the area, whereas websites will be able to use the Picture in Picture pop-up to put content there.

Windows 10X will also automatically insert apps which present system-wide media controls (think Spotify) to display controls there.

For Microsoft, the main point of the feature is to facilitate multi-tasking without taking focus away from the content on the main screen.

The virtual touchpad is also part of the WonderBar, and Microsoft will let users also ink into this area.

Lastly, the area will offer text suggestions when typing, which will also give access to the rich input panel, where emojis, GIFs, and other types of expressions are housed.

I can’t help but think devices such as the Asus Zenbook Duo would also benefit from a standardized approach to the above keyboard screen.

Those interested can read all about the interactions available at Microsoft here.

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