The Winner is… Unbreakablemomof4 For Contest: ineedthisapp By MS

ineedthisapp winner

Microsoft has really shown us that with enough buyers out there, they can do magic, and their latest contest for developers is finally over and the winner was announced. The winner of the contest asking what app you need, just ended recently and the winner was selected by MS themselves and they will build their application for them.

I am sure Unbreakablemomof4 is very happy to win this contest and his application “one tap organizes everything”, has quite a long description sheet.

The contest received quite a bit of entries:






Time Left:
Campaign has ended.

Information on application after break

The first part of this app should be a color coded agenda with a separate alarm feature. There should be unlimited alarms that are customizable so that you can use your own alarm tones, volume (the louder the better!), and set the number of reminders and intervals for a snooze feature. Different colors should be able to be assigned for different categories, some which are predefined (Birthday, Doctor Appointment, etc) and others that can be created and customized. For example, I could name a category after my daughter, Abby, using the color green. Then I know when there is a green dot for that day Abby has an appointment of some sort. This way at a glance I can see that Abby has to stay home from school for her appointment and I avoid keeping the wrong kid home from school because I forgot who’s appointment it was. (and YES I have done that!!! lol) Then, if I need more details about the appointment all I would have to do is tap the green dot and it would show the name and type of appointment as well as other information I have entered, such as date, time, address, phone number, people attending, and any notes I may have added. There should be a security feature that allows you to be able to make a password to be used so that you have to enter it to see details for any given appointment. (For me this would take too much time, but I’m sure there are people out there who desperately need the privacy!) You should be able to set reminders for appointments and customize them with your own tones and selectable intervals for a snooze feature as well. All of this should make for a very good, easy to use, quick access agenda.

The second part of the app should be a meal planner with separate recipe , list, and calculator features. The meal planner should be able to be used to plan meals daily, weekly, or monthly so that it works for all users. It should be able to be viewed from the agenda as well. For example, if you look at Monday in the agenda you should have a tab for the menu for that day which shows the meals you have planned. Within the Meal Planner there should be a recipe box feature that allows you to create and store your recipes. From the recipe box you should be able to easily (preferably with one click) add the recipe you want to the Meal Planner. There should also be a shopping list in this part of the app. You should be able to create a list easily by typing what you would like to add or by adding items from the recipe. You should also be able to add all items from recipes in any given day, week, or month in the Meal Planner to your shopping list. The list feature should give you an option of either checking off items or crossing them off. This option should be offered the first time you use the shopping list and then be available in the options menu. Lastly, the meal planner should have a calculator. This feature would allow you calculate how much money you are spending at the store without having to open another application and leave your list. You should be able to simply click the calculator tab, calculate, and click back to your list all without having lost your list OR your calculations.

Both parts of this app should be set up so that it is easy to navigate between features. Upon opening the app you should have two options, Agenda or Meal Planner. Once you have opened one there should always be a button at the lower left hand corner of the screen to take you to the other. The Agenda should have an Agenda tab, a Menu tab, an Alarms tab, and an Add New Appointment tab. The Meal Planner should have a Meal Planner tab, a Recipe Box tab, a Shopping List tab, and a Calculator tab. Every aspect of this app should be made as easy as possible so that even the most inexperienced windows phone user can get organized!

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