The Windows Phone App store – Apps vs Crapps


25, 2014

The Windows Phone App store has over 350, 000 apps at this point in time. Like any other app store, there are bad apps and there are good apps. Good luck finding any good ones without specifically searching for them though.

I could describe it with words…or I could just show you pictures.

The idea here is noble, open the app categories and you can scroll down and view apps you may be interested it. The issue here is that these aren’t screened as well as they could and should be. Perhaps someone, somewhere, who may have imbibed an excessive amount of alcohol may decide that he came to the UK store to learn about US politicians rather than HM Revenue and Customs, or perhaps someone may have popped into health and Fitness to learn about “Chuyen Yeu”. That’s perfectly fine, people have eccentric tastes and should be accommodated. On the other hand, the vast majority want to see an app relevant to their experience. There are many good apps that can be found in the store, surely those deserve a higher billing than the 781738th YouTube Downloader.

Allowing dross to float to the top rather than fall to the bottom gives the app store a bad rep, and that shouldn’t be.

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