Windows 11 is still in development, and there is still an opportunity for the Insider community to influence the design of the OS prior to its release.

On the Windows 11 Reddit community members have been posting some great ideas which would benefit from a bit of exposure.

In the order of which ones I find most compelling:

1. Bluetooth devices should be listed in the Action Centre the same way WIFI networks are, says JT95Art.

Currently, in Windows 11,  you can connect to a WIFI network without leaving the context of the action menu, and it would be useful to do the same for Bluetooth devices, particularly Bluetooth headphones, which are often shared between phones and PCs. If you like this idea you can vote for it in the Feedback Hub here.

2. There should be a shortcut for the Snipping tool in the Action Centre says obnylaka.

3. The Notification Area pop-up should also have rounded corners says batclark06.

Seemingly an area Microsoft forgot to style in Windows 11, this pop-up still looks like it dates to 2016.

Microsoft appears to be monitoring the subreddit, with JenMSFT for example saying they are tracking the collection, so hopefully, this feedback and more will make their way into the final release, which is expected later this year.