The Wallpaper Game


31, 2009

If you are a person like me, you want your phone to always look great and show off all your colors with a great looking wallpaper. Well they have been a lot of picture optimized for each resolution out there, and they are all free.

If you own a phone with some boring old wallpaper/background and you want to spice your phone up with something new, I am here to help.


Well since I own a Wvga phone, I have to start with it. Thanks to you can get all the wallpaper you will ever need, about 200+. Go Here to get all the images you will need to have your phone looking fresh everyday.


Vga has slightly more wallpaper/background images than Wvga, but Wvga looks a lot better. There is not much to say about this but, you go Here for the Files.


Wqvga has the least amount of wallpaper out of the 4 resolutions. This resolution has the least because it is not that common of a resolution, so it has less background images. well go Here for the images.


Last but certainly not the least appreciated or the least used. Qvga is the smallest resolution, but still has one of the most Background images of them all. Go Here for the files.


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