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The Walking Cat - Main Menu

The Walking Cat is a Puzzle game that is available in Windows Phone Store for the Windows Phone users. This game has more than 200 levels, which makes the gameplay interesting. The story line of The Walking Cat game makes you playing the role of Captain Puffy who has been separated from his love, Miss Purr-Purr.

In the game you will find that the Miss Purr-Purr will be placed on one side of the grid,  and you who are playing the role of the Captain Puffy is often at the opposite end of the grid and ZombieCat somewhere in between the two.

The Walking Cat: In game

You can use the directional arrows or flick gestures to move Captain Puffy to Miss Purr Purr. For every move the Captain makes, the ZombieCat will get two turns to move towards intercepting Captain Puffy.

One can use walls and traps, placed on the map to hide from ZombieCat or prevent ZombieCat from moving for three turns.

The gameplay seems to be simple at the very begining, but that is only because of tutorial, spread by several first levels. After you reach 20th level the game would become really hard.

This game is a casual puzzle game, that will test your strategy skills to stay one step ahead of the zombie and a nice time waster of a game.QRCode

Supporting low-memory devices and even outdated Windows Phone 7 devices, The Walking Cat is free and should be a good deal for everyone that loves to train his brains.

You can download The Walking Cat at Windows Phone Marketplace.

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