Huawei’s complicated relationship with the US Department of Commerce may be about to get even more complicated. Not quite satisfied with the outcome of its current ban, Commerce is looking into other measures which would prevent foreign firms from trading with Huawei. It is looking into blocking trade from foreign maThe move is unlikely to be unpopular to both nation-states and businesses alike, many of whom remain unconvinced about the merits of the US’s claims. Reuters cites Washington trade lawyer Doug Jacobson as seeing Huawei being able to survive and overcome that too.

As per Reuters, the rule changes would “allow U.S. authorities to regulate sales of non-sensitive items, such as standard cell phone chips, made abroad with U.S.-origin technology, software, or components to Huawei.”

From Reuter’s reporting, it seems a bit of a muddled situation. On the one hand, Huawei is being grated reprieves and trade licenses. On the other hand, the US seems to really want to control who Huawei can trade with, and the initial ban apparently didn’t lead to the results some in the administration wanted.

This is all hypothetical and theoretical. As of now, the status quo remains the same. Huawei continues to claim innocence, while the US continues to withhold any inculpatory evidence.

Source: Reuters