Rejoice, owners of The Sims 4, as there’s a new update coming next week!

The update brings in new jobs, clothing, and objects as well as ironing out a record number of bugs to make everything run more smoothly.

The new career path lets you become a freelancer, where your Sim will work from home and pick up gigs that they have to work toward while under a deadline.

Your Sim will be able to choose between three different freelance careers: writer, an artist, or a programmer. To do each job, you’ll have to sign up with an agency, similar to the acting career in the Get Famous expansion.

Unlike a typical career, however, it will be up to you when you decide to work. You’ll be free to take on as many jobs as you want, depending on how much time you want to spend on yourself and on your work.

Additionally, you’ll find a few interesting quirks when part of one of the careers, as the clients you are working for will be able to reject what you submit if they don’t like it.

Also announced were the plans to release one DLC of each type in the coming six months, meaning we’re getting one new expansion pack, game pack, and stuff pack. However, we won’t know what’s actually in store until a later date.

The update will be launching on April 16th for Mac and PC users. Meanwhile, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users will receive an update to include keyboard and mouse support, but this update won’t include the freelance career.

The update was revealed in Maxis’ Monthly Livestream which you can watch here.