The price of Samsung ATIV S in Russia drops again, now cheaper than a NL 820

ccs-1-0-43676700-1363147215_thumb reports that the Samsung ATIV S must be selling very poorly in Russia, as the price of the handset has dropped once again.

We posted a week ago that the price has dropped by $100 to  $720 or 21,990 rubles. Now it has dropped another 2 000 rubbles to 19,990 ($650).

WinPhoneLive notes that means you can get a 4.8 inch HD Windows Phone now for the same price as the Nokia Lumia 820 and that such a rapid fall in price is unprecedented, with the price falling more than 5000 rubles in less than a month.

We also posted a few days ago of similar steep price drops in Germany, where the handset can be secured now for as little as 330 Euro.

Overall I think this is evidence that buyers are showing a clear preference for Nokia’s Windows Phones, and understand the value proposition its exclusive software brings.

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