The next Surface tablet Tom Brady destroys may be the most expensive one yet


30, 2021

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady may end up paying tens of thousands for his next Surface tablet, after the NFL informed him that he will be fined for the next Surface he destroys.

The football player has been making a habit of destroying the tablet during moments of frustration,  such as when his team was destroyed by the Saints on the 19th of December.

According to Brady on his Let’s Go podcast, “I did get warned from the NFL about that so… I won’t throw another Surface.”

It appears the NFL (and presumably Microsoft) did not consider the incident good advertising, with Brady continuing “I can’t throw another Surface, or else I get fined. Imagine that.”

That may be because the tablet did not survive the abuse, with Brady saying “I didn’t want to throw an interception with that tablet, so I made sure it hit the ground. It was out of use, there was no chance of that one being used after I got a hold of that tablet.”

“I‘m having a great time playing,” he continued,  saying “I know it didn’t look like it when I snapped that tablet in half.”

Microsoft’s marketing team, who is paying millions since 2014 to have the Surfaces on the sideline, were presumably not as thrilled.

via the verge

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