The next big Windows 11 update may only arrive in Summer 2022


30, 2021

The version of Windows 11 currently being rolled out to qualifying Windows 10 users and new buyers leave a lot to be desired and it had been hoped that Microsoft will be rolling out an update early in 2022 to address those deficiencies.

It now appears that Windows 11 users will have to wait a bit longer, with the WC’s sources telling them that we can expect the next major update to Windows 11 to only RTM in May 2022, and roll out to Windows 11 users over the summer.

Reportedly called ‘Sun Valley 2’, it is not known what the update will contain, but it seems a safe bet that many of the technologies tested in the Windows 11 Insider programme will be making their way to mainstream users.

This would include restyled Out-of-the-Box apps such as Notepad and Photos, improved widgets, further improvements to Settings and a lot more.

Are any of our readers waiting for Sun Valley 2 before you update to Windows 11? Let us know below.

via Softpedia

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