“The New Windows” is coming soon

by Surur
February 26, 2021
Microsoft windows 10x start menu

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Microsoft may be planning to market Windows 10X as “The New Windows”.

The news comes via reliable Microsoft leaker WalkingCat who tweeted:

This could, of course, be referring to either Windows 10X or Windows 10 21H2, but the later is of course only expected in the second half of 2021 and despite the expected ‘Sun Valley’ facelift will not be different enough from Windows 10 to be called “The New Windows.”

Windows 10X is Microsoft’s modernized version of Windows with simplified updating and maintenance, and which is more resistant to hacking and other issues, essentially turning PCs running the OS into appliances.

It features a new tablet-like Start Menu and can currently only run Modern UWP store apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Microsoft had intended the OS to also run regular Win32 apps in containers, but was not able to achieve performance targets to enable this.

Windows 10X will only be delivered pre-installed in approved hardware, another reason why the OS is expected to be more stable, and is currently intended for low-cost single-screen laptops which compete with ChromeOS devices.

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