The new Windows 11 Photos is on controlled roll-out, here’s how to get it now

by Surur
September 13, 2021

A few days ago Microsoft started rolling out its newly updated Photos app for Windows 11 Insiders.

The app features new WinUI 2.6 controls, new Mica effects and new photo views. Other improvements include an improved cropping menu and easier access to the Information page.

Unfortunately, the new version of the app is being pushed out via a controlled rollout (it can be identified by the version number 2021.21090.9002.0.) which means many people can not download it.

Thankfully Windows hacker Gustave has made the APPX available to download directly from the link below:

Microsoft.Windows.Photos_2021.21090.9002.0_neutral ___ 8wekyb3d8bbwe.AppxBundle

via DeskModder

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